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5 reasons to book an individual tour in St. Petersburg, museums and suburbs with me:

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1. Guide’s Professionalism I am Candidate of Historical Sciences, a graduate of the History Department of St. Petersburg State University, (by the way, Putin and Medvedev have also graduated from St. Petersburg State University), the author of scientific and popular articles on the history of St. Petersburg, including a monograph "Mystical Petersburg: A Historical Investigation". I have an additional higher education of guide-translator. I lived in an English-speaking country for 3 years.. Work experience as a guide - 12 years. You are given the guide the list, to which the manager of the travel agency will be able to get through. The list is usually based on sites where the guides of St. Petersburg leave their CV. So it is likely that the manager will call me, and as a result you will pay not only for my, but also for his services.
2. Your family and your friends’ mood Do you want to show St. Petersburg and its museums to your children? I worked 3 years in a private school "Rost", 4 years at St. Petersburg gymnasium No. 63, spent about 10 years coaching in the school League international educational program "Debates" and have two daughters. Most of St. Petersburg's tour guides who cooperate with travel agencies fall into two categories: grandmothers who will make you stand at attention like a soldier at the very beginning of the tour, and check if you remember the names and dates well at the end, and students who work on summer vacations. There are also guides-translators who consider all Russian-speaking tourists to be a "second-class", and working with them an unpleasant surprise (no tips, no interest from the souvenirs ...). Of course, there are several nice, experienced and well-educated guides who put their tourists first - you have just found one of them.
3. Entry to the museums of St. Petersburg With me, you have the opportunity to get virtually to any museum in St. Petersburg without waiting in line. Tour agency gives money to the guide and he buys tickets at the museum's ticket offices. If there is a queue guests are still waiting in a line with a guide, like everyone else.
4. Tour prices If we use my car "Ford Focus III", you pay 8500 RUB for the Suburbs Excursion (5 hours) and 6500 RUB for a sightseeing tour (3 hours). The Hermitage Tour is 5500 RUB (3 hours). There are almost no professional guides who can give you a tour on their own car in St. Petersburg. Therefore, the cost of the tour in the agencies will be higher.
5. Safeguards You pay after the tour. You can watch the video with me, seek guidance from my partners or read my blog. In the end, you can simply type my name and surname in "Yandex". You contact me without intermediaries, and I am responsible for the quality of the excursion.

You must pay for the tour in advance. If the car or tour guide is late, or you are not satisfied with their quality, it is almost impossible to return the money back. You do not know what kind of guide will work with you and what are his qualifications, so you cannot get any information about him from independent sources.